Summer Giveaway - 2nd Week Winners 🌞

Check out what happened in the second weeks' summary of our Summer giveaway ! Teams The chicken team is unstoppable, once again guaranteeing the first prize for the team! A reminder that the MVP of each team guarantees a nice 5000 coins prize each. J

Summer Giveaway - 1st Week Winners ⛱️

Check out what happened in the first weeks' summary of our Summer Giveaway ! Teams Leaving the competition behind, this weeks' top prize goes to #TeamChicken as they have collected the most Beach Balls. Jackpot winners A new event with new rules, as

$200K Summer Event - CSGORoll

Put on your sunscreen, prepare the duck float and let's see what is waiting for you during this CSGORoll summer event. From June 20th to August 1st, you get to enjoy everything we prepared for you. Themed design The first thing you will notice is tha

CSGORoll Affiliate System 2.0

You asked, and we delivered. Deposit bonuses and more are now available on CSGORoll! New Affiliate System We've always been proud of our affiliate system. But we understand that it mainly benefitted a specific group of people; those that had taken ad

(Expired) DESIGN COMPETITION - Withdraw page 🖌️

Would you like to win $1000 USDT? This is the time to show your talent and problem solving skills! Although CSGORoll is a trade-friendly website, it doesn't convert that to design very well, but it's time to change. The community has been offering su

Double XP and Daily Reward Updates

Get ready to reach higher levels with our first double experience weekend event! Double XP event We are about to start our first weekend of double experience at CSGORoll, during this period all bets placed will reward twice as much experience as usua

Halloween Event - 300K

Trick or treat yo' self. Check out what we've got planned this Hallowee n, from October 18th to November 1st . Themed Design Notice something different? At CSGORoll, we 'creep' it real! Our themed orange, green and gooey design is bound to get you in

Provably Fair Verified By iTechLabs | CSGORoll

Our 'Provably Fair' methods have been independently verified by one of the leading accredited testing laboratories for online gaming! Recently, we hired iTechLabs to verify the legitimacy of our 'Provably Fair' methods. An accredited laboratory for o

150k - CSGORoll Giveaway 🥳

February 20th, 2020 was a special date for us. And to celebrate this journey, check out the exciting events we've prepared for you up until February 27th! JACKPOT To participate in our Jackpot, all you need to do is collect Jackpot tickets. We'll rew


CS:GO玩家都知道,开箱是一种让你有机会获取各种酷炫皮肤和装备的方式。虽然不是所有人都喜欢这种方法,但有时你可能会被某个特别的外观吸引,想要试试手气。在这里,我向大家介绍四个比较好的CSGO开箱网站。 CSGORoll CSGORoll是一个非常受欢迎的开箱网站,已经在业内存在了好几年。这个网站有很多种开箱类型可供选择,包括传统的武器箱和专业箱子,还有不同的价格范围和皮肤系列。与其他类似的网站不同,CSGORoll还提供了轮盘赌和其他赌博游戏,如果你厌倦了开箱,可以尝试一下这些游戏。 点击这里